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Do HMRC pick up different start dates than RTI?

HMRC holding incorrect employee start dates

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I've submitted RTI with start dates for a new group of employees transferred through TUPE. When trying to submit a furlough claim, HMRC's technical helpline says HMRC systems holds a different start date meaning than the one included in RTI. This means that the furlough claim cannot be processed. There is no other reason for the furlough claim to be rejected.

Has anyone else experienced this?

When integration of computer systems seems to be HMRC's new favourite priority, I wonder if anyone has encountered other start date errors that affected furlough / benefit claims etc?

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By Not Anonymous
19th Aug 2021 13:33

Can you give examples of the start dates you entered on the RTI FPS, what field this was in and what HMRC say they have for the start date?

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Replying to Not Anonymous:
By 5412216
26th Aug 2021 12:22

I entered 1 July 2021 in the start date box. HMRC say they have 3 August 2021.

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By Hugo Fair
19th Aug 2021 13:55

"Has anyone else experienced this (specific situation)?" ... No.

But there are a lot of ways in which a disconnect, between what you submit and how HMRC interprets that, can lead to a lot of problems. For instance see Appendix 1.5

But there are far too many potential possibilities to sort out on a general forum .. so you should get HMRC's technical helpline to explain what they mean when they say their system holds a different start date than the one included in submitted FPS (i.e. what date do they hold?, are there duplicate employment records? and so on).

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By Barbara G
20th Aug 2021 08:02

If you're having issues with your furlough claim you could phone the CJRS helpline to have the claim put through manually. We had an issue where the claim system was giving us a message saying that we were claiming furlough for too many employees, but we weren't. The respondent on the CJRS helpline had to go through every employee with me and check rti submissions on his records to check the start date. We had to pay particular attention to the most recent employees. He couldn't identify what caused the error message, but he got the claim sorted, although it took over an hour on the phone. Any subsequent claims for that client then were processed without any problems.

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By Duggimon
26th Aug 2021 10:07

Qualification for the CJRS is based on the date of the first RTI submission the employee appeared on, not their start date.

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