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Do I charge VAT on tickets to online events?

Is VAT chargeable on delegate tickets to online events

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I work for a Trade Association and we run tradeshows and conferences. We are now running a virtual festival in May, with delegates paying to attend and listen to speakers and network online. Should I charge VAT on the ticket prices, for UK, EU and outside EU delegates?

I can't find any guidance on this and I'm unclear.


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By paul.benny
07th Apr 2020 14:17

Charges UK attendees and advertisers are standard rated in exactly the same way as if it were a physical event.

For EU and non-EU participants, it's a little more complicated - take a look at VAT741a (on and in particular the section about digital services. That is one of the more complex areas of VAT and you may need (paid for) specialist advice.

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