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Do I include Payments on account in my current SA?

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This is my second year in business and I am completing my self assessment for 2021/22.

I had 2 payments on account torward 2021/22, when I filed my previus return, but it doesn't seem to deducted it from the tax due for 21/22.


My question is , is there a section on the self assessment I need to declare my 1st and 2nd payment made torwards 21/22?


Thank you

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the sea otter
By memyself-eye
21st Jun 2022 11:20

It won't and you don't - just manually note what you've paid, deduct it from what you owe (which may include a payment on account for 22/23) and pay the net.

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Replying to memyself-eye:
By Andy556
21st Jun 2022 12:36

Agree with this if you're submitting using HMRC website. Once your tax return is submitted it should show the amounts due in your HMRC account after a few days

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By SXGuy
21st Jun 2022 13:20

Don't forget you may have payments on account for 22/23 as well and that will be half the tax less class 2 ni for Jan and July. That's half the tax calculated, not half the tax after 21/22 payments on account deducted

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By gillybean04
21st Jun 2022 14:11

I think it might help to know what you are looking at.

Your SA302 will only show the calculated tax liability for a specific year. So isn't advising how much you need to pay.

Once you submit, it will normally give you a summary saying x due as balancing payment by 31st Jan, x due as 1st payment on account for 22/23 due by 31st Jan etc.

But that's only advising what liabilities were created by submission of the return.

I believe it's the SA300 statement which advises what payments have been made, what payments have still to be made etc.

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