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Do i need an FCA registration?

Do i need to register with FCA to act for a mortgage business

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Hi Folks, 

 I have been approached by a client (to act as their accountant)  intending to start a business providing mortgage advice , sells insurance and business protection etc since this scope falls within the financial services , do i need to register with FCA. I have contacted my professional body still waiting for their reply but in the meanwhile can you kindly share your views, also any other advise is welcome. Thankyou. 

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By Ranse
13th Jan 2021 09:45

if i remember the details exactly - you only register for "exempt services" through your professional body if you are "providing financial services" , since you are only acting as accountant , i think you are fine....maybe others who deal with such business can advise

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By johnt27
15th Jan 2021 12:53

No you don't unless you intend to offer these type of services in which case a DPB licence or FCA registration would be needed. This new client may have a statutory audit or CASS audit requirement which only registered auditors can provide.

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