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Do I need to buy Office 2007 again?

Do I need to buy Office 2007 again?

I have Microsoft Office 2007 installed on my laptop and my laptop now needs replacing. Am I allowed to install the MS Office discs onto my new laptop; assuming that I have first wiped it from my old laptop? Does it infringe the copyright at all?

Many thanks.


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16th Jul 2012 11:21

It depends

If the software was an OEM version, possibly pre-loaded on the machine or supplied as such by the vendor, then technically you should pay again.

If you bought the software yourself, or had it installed by the machine vendor as a 'full' version, then the right to use it belongs to you and you can transfer it within the terms of the licence (i.e. If a single user licence then you should un-install it from machine 1 before installing it in machine 2)..

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By SteveOH
16th Jul 2012 11:40

Thanks Richard

I did indeed buy the discs and still have them. You've just saved me about £300. I owe you a pint!

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By Old Greying Accountant
16th Jul 2012 14:38

Don't know if they still do ...

... but when you bought Office the licence let you have it on a desk top and a lap top too (presumably on the grounds you would only be using one or t'other!

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By pawncob
16th Jul 2012 22:17

Only Microsoft would put a pdf in an .exe file

The full licence is here. 



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17th Jul 2012 21:31

Microssoft are good

I was in the same position and when the licence key didn't work I paid £16 for them to ship me a replacement disc from Germany for Office 2007.

OGA is right - my licence was for a desktop and was also allowed to be on my personal laptop

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