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Do I need to register for VAT?

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I've started selling sofas for a local company using my own eBay/paypal account, I get £20 for each sofa I sell. So after each sale I cut my £20 and ebay/PayPal fees and send the rest to the sofa company bank account who then delivers the sofa.

I have been doing it for nearly 2 month and already the turnover is approx £80k but my profits are quite low (approx £3000).  I do not receive invoices from the sofa company.

Can I be seen as the agent so my turnover is the £20 for each sale rather then the £600-£1000 value of the sofa? So would I have to register for VAT based on my commission or the value of the sofa sale?

Many thanks

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By Tom Herbert
14th Aug 2019 12:42

Thanks for your question Shabba.

As this is a site predominantly aimed at accountants and other finance professionals, I'd say you'll have more luck posting your query in the accounts and finance section of our sister site UK Business Forums:

Best of luck with those sofas,


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