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Do I register for French vat

Starting to collect goods from France

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I run a removals company moving people from the UK to northern France. I'm vat registered and charge vat on this. Im now collecting a few people from France who are returning to the UK. I believe this is classed as a supply in France as the transaction is there and as such is not subject to UK vat. My question is ive read conflicting reports on whether this means I have to register for French vat . Any advice appreciated. All b  2 c

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By johnball12
18th Jan 2019 15:21

I am quite despearate to get an answer to this. If anyone knows anyone who is an expert on this subject who I could pay for a 15 minute chat please help. I have written to the french vat office, spoken to HMRC, various people on the internet who say they are experts but seem to know even less than me but can't get a definintive answer

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