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Do negging marketing emails work?

Rant about negative marketing emails

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I received a "negging" marketing email today for SEO type services which read as follows:

"Your business stood out from the rest, but not in a good way…

I don’t want to waste too much of your time, so I won’t dive into the specifics too much..."

Having had a stressful few days, this was the last thing I needed. Our website brings in as much business as we can handle, so we are very happy with it. We work hard to keep it relevant and we have someone internally who looks after SEO and Google Adwords.

It reminded me of a previous marketing emails where the subject was something like "Termination of contract" or "We're Leaving". It would give you a fright seeing the subject and then you dive closer and it is someone offering to help you retain your clients.

Does anyone else receive these types of emails? Do they actually work?

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By lionofludesch
26th Jun 2020 15:26

Never worked with me.

"Your business stood out from the rest" - sent to a zillion other businesses so how does it stand out from those ?

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By Paul Crowley
26th Jun 2020 15:30

Yes several a month are received
No never pay them any attention

Per Lion
Never aimed, same email goes to their complete database

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By tom123
26th Jun 2020 15:37

I delete all unsolicited emails on sight..I barely even read them.

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Replying to tom123:
By lionofludesch
26th Jun 2020 16:28

tom123 wrote:

I delete all unsolicited emails on sight..I barely even read them.

You need to check they're not important but, having established that, off they go to the recycle bin.

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By Maslins
26th Jun 2020 15:59

Just mark as spam and move on.

These kinds of things must sometimes work, and as the cost of sending mass emails is so low, even 0.01% biting will likely be a decent RoI.

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By Cheshire
26th Jun 2020 16:10

Drop to spam and delete.

Although when I get them about seo I often google some keywords and see if they can be located - mostly they cannot, unless you key in their name which as you know defeats the object. If they do try to call I then tell them how bad they are at SEO, so why would I touch them with a bargepole.

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Replying to Cheshire:
By Cardigan
26th Jun 2020 16:26

I Googled them and could not find either their business or the person who sent me the email. When I typed in their website, the site was down.

Blurphy's Law!

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
26th Jun 2020 17:02

I get loads of them, from a never ending series of changing gmail addresses. So presumably one spammer with a long list.

I think I made the mistake of responding to one once asking to be taking off the list and they just sent me even more.

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