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Do UK freelancers receive an Organisation number?

Does UK freelancers receive an Organisation number to use in other countries like Norway?

Hi, I don't know if my question fits in here but it does not hurt to try :) 

I am currently searching for a solution, you see I am a Norwegian freelance animator currently working with a company to create this animation which is great! However, I am in the prosses of hiring a friend of mine who is from the UK, the company I am working with wants my friend to give them an Organisation number that is similar to what those registered as "Enkelmansforetak" ( basically one-man business) in Norway receive. Neither of us seems to find out if this is actually a thing in England? Our alternative would be that the company pay me and then I pay her, but that would make implications for my tax would it not? ANd the money will be taxed twice? 

I really hope I can get some help with this, alternatively being told where I can receive the help from, Thank you  :) 




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By Matrix
17th Oct 2018 20:31

Ask for the unique taxpayer reference.

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17th Oct 2018 21:02

There is no such thing in the UK. If she is trading as a limited company she will have a number from Companies House. If she is a sole trader she will have a UTR from HMRC.

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18th Oct 2018 06:57

"Enkeltmannsforetak" translates as "Sole proprietorships".

We no longer have a Registry of Business Names in the UK.

Use the UTR.

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