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Do video screen loop adverts work?

Do video screen loop adverts work?

I am looking for new clients and have quite a number of building trade clients who I find make good clients with a bit of hand holding. I have been approached by a company which is installing a tv screen 8 minute loop in a local builders merchants so that their customers have something to look at while waiting in line etc. There will be 5 minutes of ad for the merchant  and they are offering  20 second slots for other ads. Has anyone tried anything like this and has it been successful please?


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By squay
12th Jul 2012 19:34

Waste of money

I did this many many years ago ago when I was approached by a marketing firm for a local supermarket installing video displays to advertise local businesses as you have described. It was quite expensive and over a year I didn't get one enquiry. The displays were at the end of the checkout on the wall so it was marketed with a high foot fall and presence. The biggest waste of money I have ever spent. Over the years I have been approached by marketeers of similar schemes, namely the Post Office and other supermarkets. I decline their tempting offers with a "No Thanks" and  hang up. I think you would stand more chance with Yellow Pages and that doesn't work either at least not for accountants who want decent clients. Stick to personal recommendations, word of mouth, networking, etc.

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12th Jul 2012 21:56

I'm with Squay...

Don't do this. It's a waste of money. However, I did get loads of plumbers when I paid the merchants £50 to put a stack of leaflets on their counter. I then topped this up every month (for free)



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13th Jul 2012 08:25

I concur

with the other responses. We did it for a year at alocal gym. Not a single enquiry

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By Tax24-7
13th Jul 2012 10:35


Interesting consideration Patricia


We’ve looked into similar advertising at the Post Office and although there is a captive audience I had concerns.  We understood most of the other advertisers were beauty salons and PPI claim companies so I wasn’t sure of the company we’d be keeping (with due respect to those whom do use this).


I know too some of these services have few advertisers so you can get many repeats.


I know of companies in New Zealand find this form of advertising successful in MOT centres.  As the MOT centres don’t do repairs there’s a TV running with adverts constantly in the waiting room.  The work is almost guaranteed and the audience definitely waiting as part of the process.


I’m wondering too as to the cost of developing a good TV advert?


Good luck!

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13th Jul 2012 16:34

Many thanks. The cost of this one is about £850 including one year and I get the copyright to the production to use elsewhere. There is no sound though - just moving images/words & it is just 20 seconds long.

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