Do we need to have an Irish VAT number

Buying goods from Ireland and Selling to company in Ireland uk based with uk VAT NUMBER

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If we buying alcohol from an Ireland based company to selling to an Ireland based company to make bread do we need to register for an Ireland VAT? Already UK VAT registered. 

should our supplier charge us VAT and should we charge our Irish customer? At what rates etc?? 

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By David Ex
04th Jan 2024 22:55

This might help:

Probably better to take professional advice as there may also be other issues.

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By Jason Croke
05th Jan 2024 07:54

You - a UK based trader - are buying excised goods (alcohol) and selling excised goods in Ireland (an EU member state).

A lot to go wrong here, you're going to need to take advice on this one. Speak to your Accountant, I'm sure they'll be able to assist.

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