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Do we need to set up a new Agent Services Account?

We have incorporated our partnership, do we need to set up a new Agent Services Account?

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We recently incorporated our partnership and before we start to enrol multiple clients on to MTD for VAT I wondered should we or do we need to set up a new Agent Services Account in the name of the limited company. I am conscious that the ASA is linked to the organisations UTR. 

We originally set up an ASA under the partnership to register our Trust clients. We have also since added MTD for VAT to the ASA and linked our clients from the Online Service for Agents.

My question is can the ASA of the pertnership be rolled over to the Limited Co or will it need its own settig up, and if so, can we then point the Ltd Co ASA account at our existing Online Service for Agents account even though we have already done that exercise on the partnership ASA.

Thanks in advance.



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12th Jun 2019 13:15

I’ve had a similar issues and asked Hmrc by telephone and after the 40 minute wait to get through and 60 minute call they couldn’t answer and told me to write in and after 6 weeks I’ve had no reply and so I can’t deal with MTD clients which means through no fault of my own I am unable to proceed with the mandated Vat regulation .

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By SXGuy
12th Jun 2019 17:24

I set up an ASA account in my Ltd name then linked my old sole trader agent login. However my aml organisation login was under tge Ltd also. But I'd say set up a Ltd ASA login then link old partnership one

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to SXGuy
12th Jun 2019 18:10

I did exactly that and HMRC say that they have no authorisations even though they have allowed a link between the old Gateway and ASA and even used human intervention to check out my AML registration so the confusion is HMRC systems are not working otherwise how could this happen ?

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