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I have been trying to submit my own Tax Return for days now using HMRC online system not commerical software, but every time I hit the submit button. I get this error message:

"Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site. We can’t connect to the server at citizen-auth-frontend.public.mdtp."  That's using the firefox browser

I've tried using microscoft browser and get a similar message.

This site indicates there are reported problems with HMRC website.

The only advice from HMRC is to "clear cache" and try again later.

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By Duggimon
22nd Jan 2020 09:04

There have been constant and persistent problems with HMRC online facilities all this month, our tax returns sent via 3rd party software have been fine so far, touch wood, but MTD VAT has been all over the place.

I think the main issue is that HMRC have no idea what the problems are, whenever they fix it, the problem reoccurs within hours, or even minutes. I doubt it's an issue at your end.

You could try using a private window on Firefox (just right click on the taskbar icon and select "new private window") as that bypasses the cache entirely and should give you a fresh connection to HMRC, their website is appallingly bad at remembering old sessions and having that cause problems with new ones, but as I said, it's very likely it's an issue at their end.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
22nd Jan 2020 09:31

I would try as simple non-tech fixes:

(a) different browser

(b) different machine

If that doesn't work, its not you.

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By bernard michael
22nd Jan 2020 10:00

Are we building up to a huge incorrect penalty situation in Feb ??

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Replying to bernard michael:
By lionofludesch
22nd Jan 2020 10:20

bernard michael wrote:

Are we building up to a huge incorrect penalty situation in Feb ??

Ten days to go, including today ?

Very possibly.

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