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Do you offer contracts of employment?

Do you offer contracts of employment to your payroll clients?

I have just come across  We may switch to payroll software.

I wondered if anyone had any experience of using the contracts/employee handbook software.

Or just general feedback on if you offer contract writing to your clients.


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By mrme89
01st Nov 2017 12:05

Employment contracts are best left to the experts.

I don't think I'd feel comfortable reselling templates either.

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01st Nov 2017 12:18

Not only are accountants not best equipped to offer this service but I suspect clients know this, so that alone makes them vulnerable.

It takes a brave man/woman, or one with deep pockets, to litigate against a solicitor, far more level playing field against an accountant outside his/her comfort zone.

However I must admit the temptation is always there, have often thought it would be money for nothing to knock our licences to occupy commercial property for other property companies (we do our own in house) say £250 a pop for a three page doc where one merely inserts name, price, term and a bit covering repairing/insurance that is fit for the particular property, and there is of course the rub, whilst we can do this for our own properties as we know what is happening generally with repairing etc matters, how organised etc, likely significance, it is a different picture knocking out documents without the in depth knowledge of the business in question.

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By Mr_awol
01st Nov 2017 12:28

I don't offer employment contracts - nor do I service boilers, install double glazing or harvest winter wheat. I imagine I'd be equally crap at all of those things.

Occasionally, at a push, and as a favour to certain types of client, I'll provide a template - but with a hefty disclaimer about how it could be complete b*llocks for all I know as I'm not a solicitor.

Generally it's best to point them in the right direction though, especially at Halloween when blood suckers are topical.

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01st Nov 2017 14:48

Thanks guys. That is what I was thinking too.

Just off to harvest the winter wheat for a client!! :)

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By Mr_awol
to nmprobinson
02nd Nov 2017 14:05

nmprobinson wrote:

Just off to harvest the winter wheat for a client!! :)

You're a bit late ;)

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06th Nov 2017 10:23

I had a client ask for contracts of employment last year. As I use Brightpay, I thought I'd give Brightcontracts a try. It fit the bill perfectly. This client has 10 employees and I charged them £200 for contracts of employment for all staff. It works well and does exactly what it says on the tin. This was, however, a one-off, as I don’t offer employment advice.
I also looked at Sage HR but it offers more than my client needs and it is expensive.

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