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Do you submit anything with your SA100's?

Do you submit anything with your SA100's?

I was wondering what the general consensus was with regards to attaching accounts and detailed tax computations with a typical self employed individuals tax return.

I'm sometimes tempted to purely to provide supporting information to the tax return, particularly where the self-employment is a little unusual and there's property income too, it just seems sometimes that there's been a lot of work undertaken but only a simple return submitted to HMRC, not even an SA302 computation !

Even on CT600's, it seems that the Ftax iXBRL computations are very simple, especially compared to some computations prepared by other firms I've seen, although I don't know for sure whether they are just internal computations or whether they are submitted with the CT600 online.

Whats the general you or don't you? For SA's primarily.


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16th Mar 2012 18:38

I have not done this since SA came in

Although I do fill in the more detailed pages rather than the summary 3 liner accounts more often than I need to.

Not aware that I have had any problems as a result of not sending in the accounts.

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By SteveOH
17th Mar 2012 09:24

I don't include nuffink

A few year's ago, I read that HMRC simply bin any documents (such as accounts or tax comps) sent in with the SA Return. Then I heard that they keep them but file them away somewhere, never to be looked at again.

To answer your question, I simply file the Tax Return. I can't see the point in attaching accounts or tax computations. After all, it is a self assessment of the tax liability; not an explanation. The time will come later on for explaining figures if the Return is selected for enquiry.

As far as giving the client value for money, you don't do that by simply producing a few pages of a set of accounts. As you quite rightly said, a lot of work goes into that Return and your client will know that by the tax advice you give on an ongoing basis and by an appreciation of your knowledge and training that have gone into producing that "simple" Tax Return.

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17th Mar 2012 10:57


I always enclose accounts and schedules and in the white space I enclose a note "The accounts and schedules filed online form part of this Return"

If there is anything specific that needs to be drawn to the attention of HMRC, I then do so in amplification of that sentence.

Occasionally, I add in a more detailed computation where I believe that produced by the software is insufficient. This is commonly the case where there is a disposal of shares or land.

I believe that I am giving my client a measure of protection from discovery and I hope that a small number of enquiries have been avoided by this course of action.


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18th Mar 2012 10:35

no, nuffink also.

and never have done.

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19th Mar 2012 08:41

Yes always .....

I provide accounts and explanations of any assumptions I have made or cases I have relied upon. I was always taught that this was good practice to prevent discovery assessments. It matters not whether HMRC have read your submissions or not but if they had every opportunity to then they cannot later discover what they already knew.

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By K81
19th Mar 2012 09:15

No need to file anything except CG calcs with SA Returns.

From experience HMRC certainly don't look at accounts filed with return.

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19th Mar 2012 10:24


which makes the count 2 yes and 6 no.  I ponder about this sometimes and I'd love to know whether it makes enquiry statistically more likely or less likely.  Trouble is that looking at any percentage enquiry figure is meaningless because it's more affected by Revenue workloads than anything else.  I'm also more concerned to minimise enquiries per se than protecting against discovery of dodginess disclosed in the white space.  

As a non-provider of extra stuff my enquiry percentage is below 1% every year.  One year 2008? 2009? we actually went a year without any enquiries of any substance at all - it's normally about 3-5 on 700 Returns.  

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20th Mar 2012 15:48


no from me. Never have done.

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20th Mar 2012 15:58

I may be imagining it, but I thought that when SA first came in one of the professional bodies issued guidance that accounts etc ought still to be submitted.

I personally have always that the submission of accounts and schedules, properly explained will inevitably mean that any discovery is less likely to be sustainable.

Would like to ask those who submit nothing what process they have in place for deciding whether white space information needs to be added. I would argue that my submitting schedules and linking to them in the white space, one automatically then considers whether any amplication of that linkage is needed.





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21st Mar 2012 09:43

It's not about enquiry but rather discovery ....

that providing information is meant to resist. 

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