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Do you use a telephone answering service?

Do you use a telephone answering service?

I would be grateful for recommendations for telephone answering service from the users of this type of service. How much do you pay?

My needs are as follows:

  1. To take all my calls and pathes(forward) these to me
  2. Does not foward spam calls (ie screens calls)
  3. Takes messages when I inform them that I am not available.
  4. Needs to be UK based - should speak clearly. No heavy accents that are difficult understand.
  5. I do not want to change my number
  6. My Calls should not be forwarded to 0845 number

I would appreciate recommendations from users of telephone answering service. It would be good to know the monthly costs for this service.



16th Feb 2012 12:39

A client of mine uses this service

The minimum charge was £25 per month but they end up paying around £125 per month. I think it's too much but they seem happy.

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to lionofludesch
07th Aug 2013 08:57

Minimum charges and free trials

Be careful when looking at the headline selling price as a lot of these companies highlight their "from" price but then once you sign up you find all the hidden charges and you're tied in for 3 months or so. offer a free 30 day trial so firstly you can see if the service is for you but also so they can give you a fair estimate of your monthly charge, they also offer a monthly rolling contract and offer to backdate invoices in the first 3 months to make sure you are on the most cost effective tariff for you.

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By halesir
16th Feb 2012 13:30

We use Moneypenny and find it very good Moneypenny | 

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By occca
16th Feb 2012 13:47

We use Answer It

Very happy with the service we get from them, have used them for about 4 years


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16th Feb 2012 15:03

Have used...

Moneypenny and Alldaypa.

Moneypenny were the better of the two and do all of the good things you want and none of the bad things. I paid them circa £12k p.a. for a 7 days, 10 hour service for circa 500 calls a day.

This was in 2007/08; don't know their pricing today

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16th Feb 2012 19:49

Good reports from

Can do all the things you require

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17th Feb 2012 12:09



I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further with you. Moneypenny can certainly assist you with your listed requirements, we have transparant pricing based on your call volume. With an endrosement from the ICAEW we are very experienced in handling calls within the Accountancy sector.

We also offer a no obligation free trial, to allow you to experience our telephone answering service first hand before making a commitment to us the service ongoing.

Kind regards

Lisa Gough



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21st Feb 2012 11:00

jet virtual

a , smaller company, but very cheap does the job for me

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21st Feb 2012 11:23

Provide a number?

I'm starting a part-time practice shortly.  Due to the nature of my work (and the practice) I'm going to require call-answering, and see this continuing into the future.

Because of this, and the fact that I'm out and about most of the time, I don't want the cost of having another phone line at the home office, and on top of that costs for call answering/message taking.

Does anyone know whether any of the call answering services provide a number that can be used directly by a client?  This would have to be a generic non-regional number (0800?) since the answering service most likely won't be in the same area as me?




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21st Feb 2012 11:36

Zebra Connections

I use Zebra Connections. They do everything you require. No need to change your number and very reasonably priced.

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21st Feb 2012 11:40


I was put on to this company a few years ago by an accountancy friend and I have never had a complaint about their service.

Small enouigh to care but big enough so your clients are not left on hold.

Details :  Your Office and PA Tel 01928 508800 (Speak with Sarah or Gordon) as sad as this may sound if you mention my name you get 14 days free trail.I am not an owner but this is their offer to anyone I introduce, several clients have taken up this offier as has a least on accountant friend.

Cost - it depends on how much you use them .  In Jan when they take all my calls £90 rest of the year about £30 per month.

If you are considering such a service from my experience the costs outweigh the benefits.  THe number of new business calls I would have lost if I had an answermachine were saved.

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21st Feb 2012 12:06

YOPA (Your Office & PA )- telephone answering services

Hi All,

Thank you to Paul at Bourne Accountancy for his great feedback.

In fact we offer all new clients a 14 day free trial of the service. This is the perfect way to understand how the service will work for you and also means that you can gain a clear understanding of the cost and value to your business before making any decisions.

The service is quick and easy to set up and there's no tie-ins or contracts to worry about- even after the free trial.

We're not a call centre. We're an owner managed, professional, friendly and flexible company that helps other business owners to manage their time and gain freedom from answering calls (and other basic admin tasks) so they can get on with running their business.

I'd be delighted to run though how the service works (with no obligation to take a trial), with anyone interested in finiding out more.

Sarah Basey, Director

0800 433 40 30


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By Monsoon
21st Feb 2012 12:18

Banana Office

I highly recommend Banana Office:

They tick all your boxes and are brilliant, and the service is customisable to your needs. Excellent value for money and the service is exceptional.



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to DMGbus
06th Feb 2014 12:41

Telephone answering service

I have a client who uses Banana and they are noticeably the best service any of my clients have ever used.


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21st Feb 2012 14:53

Answer It

I also use Answer It at £25 per month plus a small amount per call. They screen calls and you do not pay for the junk ones. I have used them since last summer and had lots of compliments on my new receptionist as they sound very professional (I have tested)


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21st Feb 2012 15:04

Thanks to OCCA and HudsonCo for recommending if we can be of help please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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21st Feb 2012 15:34

Answer It

I would highly recommend Answer It.  Incredibly professional.

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22nd Feb 2012 10:07

Providing a number


You've asked about having a 0800 number for your new practice, we can certainly help with that.

We provide a virtual office service as well as a professional telephone answering service. We can provide you with an 0845, 0800 or a local geographic number (any UK are code), as you are setting up from home, you may also wish to explore a virtual mailing address, which can be used as your registered office address, we can also provide this service.

I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this further with you, and see how Moneypenny can support you with your new business.

Please do get in touch.

Kind regards

Lisa Gough, Moneypenny

Tel: 08451233700

[email protected]

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22nd Feb 2012 14:16

2nd vote for alldayPA

Somebody mentioned alldayPA above but I would like to second that vote. I can't recommended them enough.

They have also done a little telemarketing for me (i wasn't aware they did this until recently) which I am impressed with. Not sure if i will continue this in the long term as Im not yet sure if it is right for my company.

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By Sheehan
23rd Feb 2012 06:02

Virtual Reception Service

Good Morning

We are a new start quality focused Virtual Reception/Call Management Service our USP is that you only pay for messages sent not calls answered. Please take time to visit and see how we can help you.


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23rd Feb 2012 07:17


Thanks you all for your help.

I looked at all the telephone answering service providers that are recommended on this thread,

I have chosen recommended by alwalters. Price was a key factor to go with them. For what I needed there really was not much difference between the providers. They cannot be for answering calls, taking a message or passing the calls through.

I will see how my 7 day trial goes with



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23rd Feb 2012 09:12

Hi FirstTab,

Hope your trial with Jet Virtual goes well I am sure they will do you proud.


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23rd Feb 2012 13:05


Firstly we would like to welcome our newest client! Many thanks to our loyal client Mr Walters who runs a successful accounting firm in Manchester.


Here at Jet Virtual we care about each one of our clients and their clients too.

We have a Pay As You Go tariff which is great if you don't wish to get tied in to a lengthy contract.

Please feel free to look at our website:

If you want to discuss your requirements in more details please call 0845 381 0001

or send an email to [email protected]

We look forward to working with you :)


Daniel Gefen


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By Fmaat
23rd Feb 2012 13:20

Complete marketing service for accountants

Not easy but; 

Does anyone know if anyone out there  provides a complete -and result based not too pricey- service for marketing as well as call answering;

ie; write letters, post them, follow up, answer call,screen them, pass on enquiries for client acquisition.

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By Monsoon
23rd Feb 2012 16:10

Accountants Marketing

I recommend

I've not used them, but I know Maxine and she is fab - if I was looking for that type of marketing, that's where I would go first. Not sure if she does the call answering as well, but for marketing it's well worth a look.

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By maxxy
24th Feb 2012 12:32

Thanks for the mention Monsoon :)

Actually yes we do provide call answering as it fits in well with telemarketing and other marketing activity.

It makes sense that we present a phone number (caller line identity) when making an outbound call, and use this number on outbound calls if we leave messages or people ask if they can call back.

Some of our clients use IVR (press 1 for this and 2 for that etc) and this means accountants can have a buffer in place to reduce the amount of calls that are handled to the call answering agency in the first place so that if paying on a per call basis that they are paying for calls they want to go to the agency rather than everything if that isn't appropriate.

At the moment I am flat out with telemarketing and don't have spare capacity to offer call answering on a stand-alone basis and can only offer this as part of an overall marketing package ... but I'll let you all know if that changes :)

In the meantime... I can vouch for Emma at Answer-it as I have used her myself and would possibly do so again as overflow :)


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By rubypa
07th Mar 2012 12:43

MyRuby Telephone Answering - Answer to accountant marketing

A number of our accounting clients have teamed up with other non-competing practices to share a marketing assistant. We provide telephone receptionist support and any support that's digital but we don't get involved in paper based activities. There is a video on our website that explains exactly how the service works and a case study of one of our accounting clients at

We can also recommend TTNC for any 'virtual' phone numbers you are looking for, whether that's for a UK city (London, Manchester, etc) or a traditional 0800 number. All of the information is at their website You can point the number to any landline or mobile and you can add hunt groups and call recording if necessary.


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02nd Jun 2012 11:04

Use of phone messaging service



There lots of people who are not aware about phone responding service. This is very helpful site for these people. This site provides detailed information about phone replying service and their uses that increase the awareness of this service.

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By mmartin
09th Aug 2012 11:29


I use Livetel and they are really good. I pay £30 a month and all my calls are answered. The girls that answer the phones are really nice and friendly too. I have one girla that answers all my calls and my customers know her and always say how lovely she is.

I would recommend them!

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15th Aug 2012 12:20

Do your homework.

Anybody can pick up a telephone and say whats required, not everybody can do it properly with the respect ones business clients deserve and as the old addage goes cost is not value.

As we all know there are a great number of us out there who provide an good, sometimes excellent call answering service. I am the competitor analyst for alldayPA and if I can give anybody a piece of advice (Without being a patronising poppy) before signing up to any answering service, Read The Small Print

There are alot of positives and negatives across the board but I would suggest creating a list of what you want to know and sticking to one or two main sale points whether it be Price/ Service/ Opening hours etc. 

With in alldayPA we are working very hard to be completely transparent with our clients we let you know the big charges and the little ones and the even littler ones on the very bottom line! 

We are not the cheapest but again our award winning service comes second to none. 

If you are interested in discussing further please do not hesitate to contact me on 0845 056 8888. 

All the the best 


"You built the business, why let someone else destroy it?" 






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22nd Oct 2012 11:59

Jet Virtual - Answering Service For Accountants

Many of our clients are accountants. Ranging from the one man band accountant to large accountancy firms across the UK. We have always been proud of the positive feedback we get as a result of the level of professionalism we provide.

For this reason we have decided to create a small team dedicated to handling calls for our accountancy firm clients. This way you can be sure that our London based receptionists will be familiar with the type of calls your accountancy practice receives and therefore can handle these calls more effectively.


It all adds up :)


To find out more about how professionally we handle calls for our accountancy clients go to

or call 0207 183 3788 today

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Daniel Gefen


0207 183 3788


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25th Feb 2013 14:17

Professional Call Minders

I can reccomend Professional Call Minders. They are so efficient and friendly with an online system where you can access all the call records, set up a diary so they can see your whereabouts and where you can instruct them how you would like them to deal with customers. They will even book appoinments for me and contact my clients if neccesary for no extra charge!

Can't rate them enough!

Astra Williams

SN Financial Services

AWA Administration

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02nd Aug 2013 13:25

The Business PA


Hi there my name is Ryan, From a company called The Business PA, we offer a wide range of call answering packages for small to large companies, Our lowest package here is £45 per month which includes 0-50 calls for that month, we welcome all kinds of companies and also there is no extra hidden charges for our service.

Our contracts at The Business PA is a monthly contract so there are no long term contracts involved 

if this seems to interest you feel free to give a member of our team a call on 

01202 233516 

Thanks Ryan 

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02nd Feb 2015 16:31

Professional Answering Service

Here at Norango we can offer you excellent service and value for money.

With regards to the initial questions.

To take all my calls and pathes(forward) these to me
We offer 24/7 answering at no extra cost, can filter your calls and offer troubleshooting services.  We can patch calls, email and/or text call reports.
 Does not foward spam calls (ie screens calls)
Whatever your call handling instructions, we will be sure to follow them.
 Takes messages when I inform them that I am not available.
As above, you supply the instructions, we will follow them - to the letter.
 Needs to be UK based - should speak clearly. No heavy accents that are difficult understand.
All of our Receptionist speak clear English with no strong accents.
 I do not want to change my number
That will not be a problem, we can arrange a divert number for you.
 My Calls should not be forwarded to 0845 number
We can supply divert numbers with your local std code, making it cheaper to divert your calls!


In short, we can do everything you have asked for and more

If you have any doubts at all, take advantage of our 14 day free trial - you can even run us alongside your existing call answering service!

Stephanie Gray

0800 018 2838









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12th Feb 2016 11:32

Hello All

just dropping back on to the thread to make people aware that Banana Office is no more.  Answer-it was chosen by the owner when he was making the decision to move in a different direction, as being able to offer the same excellent customer service. 

Once again thanks to all who have recommended Answer-it on this forum and for your loyalty.

To anyone looking for an Answering service, if you have questions or just want a chat, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you again.

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29th Mar 2017 12:34

At, we offer Telephone Answering Services as well as Live Chat Answering Services (that box on a website where you can speak directly with an operator).

We are more than just an answering service and offer tailored packages to ensure your clients receive the best customer service.

We offer a dedicated team to your account and train our receptionists on your services and products to ensure they can answer all Frequently Asked Questions regarding your business.

We provide the above for Telephone Answering, as well as for Live Chat Answering services.

Live Chat is a great way to engage with the visitors to your website and convert these visitors into customers.

Feel free to call us on 01628 637 900.

Kind regards, Kim

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30th Mar 2017 12:48

So this thread is being resurrected once a year, by someone posting an advert.
Not that helpful. Is there a way for it be locked down?

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to wilcoskip
04th Apr 2017 16:03

Doing it now wilcoskip

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