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Do you use microsoft exchange and outlook? Try this

Do you use microsoft exchange and outlook? Try...

1. Go into Outlook

2. Go into file.

3. Click Open

4. Click other users folder.

5. Type in a colleagues email address.

If nothing happens that is fine. If however you have just got into their mailbox, maybe you need to beat your IT guy up.

Then you can start worrying about who knows about this is your company already and who has been looking at whos mail.....


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20th Jul 2009 08:59

The other user needs to give permission for you to see their email - nothing your IT bod can do about that.

Go TOOLS | OPTIONS | DELEGATES to see what I mean.

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20th Jul 2009 20:38

i have been told the default setting is open to all and that has to be closed when setting up exchange, is that not correct?

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