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Document and email management

Document and email management

We have started looking at document management system, and have just had a very good presentation from CCH. However, we use Sage on all other levels (with close to 1,000 clients, we are too far in to change), and whilst CCH had a good system, it is priced such that it only delivers value with a full transfer of all software requirements.

What are people using out there?

We want to file emails and scanned documents in a central location in their original format. The software must be user friendly, have good search functionality (including in-document) and task assignment capability.

Ideally (and this may be the big ask) we would have some sort of database syncronisation with Sage Practice Solutions..

CCH had a bulk email facility that would have been useful too...

Any thoughts would be most welcome.


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16th Aug 2012 20:52


Have a look at Docusoft

We've used it for about six years, and are very happy.  Not sure of current pricing but it tends to come in well below the sums asked some of the big boys.


I think that the database synchronisation may be a big ask - no harm in asking them however

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17th Aug 2012 06:24

Share point
We use sharepoint for the document management side, I think you should already have it if you have MS server software.

We also use a product called Mailsafe for emails tht logs all ncoming and outgoing emails.

We have roughly the same number of clients as you, maybe a few less, and it works well for us

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17th Aug 2012 07:42

Document Management

We also have used Docusoft for over 6 years -

My Free book on Going Paperless is available at



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By merlyn
17th Aug 2012 09:45

Interwoven is used by a lot of the larger accounting and legal practices, however it is quite expensive.


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17th Aug 2012 13:30

Virtual Cabinet

We have a lot of users that like Virtual Cabinet - seems cost effective and well supported. Obviously other systems are out there but worth a look.


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20th Aug 2012 13:06

Thanks to you all for this. I will make some enquries.

BTW CCH quoted £4k of consultancy and £4k of up front licence cost to get going.

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10th Sep 2012 13:31

A shortlist..

You might also want to have a peruse of the AccountingWeb Document Management discussion group.

There are any number of conversations and debates on 'paperless office' projects in there...

Your shortlist of 'off-the shelf' products should include:

CCH Document Management (if you use CCH - good integration)IRIS OpenDocs (If you use IRIS - good integration)Lindenhouse Virtual Cabinet (good integration with all sorts)Docusoft (integrates with all sorts)INVU (Did have Sage integration - although I'm not sure if this is still available)

iManage will, I suspect be a little too ambitious.  It's extremely capable, but does demand a fair amount of time and expertise, and usually involves extra work with third-party add-ons.

SharePoint is again one of those things that - with the right amount of time and money - can provide you with almost anything you want.  Do you have that time and money to spare?

If you like the idea of using SharePoint, there's a firm in Cambridge that specialises in building SharePoint systems for accountants: Professional Practice Automation LLP. (



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to FoxAccountancyServices
10th Sep 2012 14:06

Thanks cverrier

It looks like INVU is now owned by Lindenhouse, so will definately get them in. The Sage integration is attractive.

We are seeing Docusoft next week, who are "Sage Parters".

I will report back when we have seen everyone.

Thanks again.

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11th Sep 2012 18:23

PaperLess direct integration with Sage 50 Accounts

You may wish to take a look at PaperLess which integrates directly with your Sage 50 Accounts.

Here is a brief list of features:

Integration is all in the background and simple to implement (practices are  up and running quickly)No software to install on your workstations, or those of your clientsYou can add scanned documents directly into PaperLess as well as drag and drop from desktop or other applicationAutomatic Invoice Recognition checks for duplicate transactions and reads your document image creating the transaction voucher ready to post directly into Sage (reduce manual data entry)Post any type of transaction from PaperLess and/or Sage and see the transaction in PaperLess, with the documentYou can add documents to existing transactionsYour clients can add documents online, ready for you to process, or process the documents themselves if you give them the rightsYour clients can view transactions and documents online

Hope that gives you some idea of an alternative to the list already presented of "Off The Shelf PaprLess with Sage 50 Accounts"


-- Accounting the PaperLess way™

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19th Sep 2012 15:32

virtual cabinet

hi -

give me a call for a demonstration -


[email protected]

no obligation - but we intagrate to all of the PM suites and are the market leaders for accountancy practices going paperless !!


lets have a chat if you like?



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to mabzden
19th Sep 2012 16:18

Thanks Virtual Cabinet

Meeting Mark Wooley tomorrow....

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