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Document Portal for clients

Document Portal to upload/download use by clients

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Hi all, I have been looking at using a portal for client document exchange. I have tried searching accountingweb, but the search facilities, to be polite, are no the best. The ones I have seen are very expensive and have a minimum number of users.

Can anyone recommend a portal that is easy to use, can be used by 3 users, reasonably priced, GDPR compliant and secure? Once we have this up and running, an e-signature facility would be required in due course.

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By Richard Brunton
06th Feb 2019 16:11

In a previous life, the practice I worked for used Docsafe for document transfer. Worked well, but needed a bit of admin time at start

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By Duggimon
06th Feb 2019 16:14

I searched AWeb for "document portal" and the first question after yours that came up recommended IRIS OpenSpace (among others), which is what I use.

It's free and has no minimum number of users, probably no maximum number either. It costs money if you need extra storage but if it's for temporary transfers of information then with good management the free version will do you fine.

It's secure and does e-signatures. I can't speak to "GDPR-compliant" because that's a meaningless term.

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By John R
06th Feb 2019 17:22

Have a look at StayPrivate (free).

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By 1 2
07th Feb 2019 13:46

We use Senta which has this together with a lot more practice management type stuff.

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