Does a company's UTR get changed?

Agent authorisation requests fail because information "incorrect"

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When trying to request agent authorisation for 2 RTM companies, the requests both fail indicating that the information being supplied is incorrect. I have, on file, very old correspondence from  HMRC in which the UTRs are clearly stated although both companies have now been "dormant" for many years. They now need to be re-activated for CT purposes - hence the agent authorisation requests. All details (CRN/UTR/Company name) have been re-checked several times to ensure there was no error on my part. There wasn't! Does a company's UTR "die" if it is unused for many years, or what? What steps should be taken?

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By Wanderer
15th Feb 2024 10:56

Possibly HMRC has set as returns not required in some way and authorisation procedure doesn't recognize the UTR because of this.
Maybe re-register for CT per this:-

You could also use your software to test file a CT return as I believe that you don't need to be registered as that particular company's agent in order to file CT.

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Replying to Wanderer:
By M G Weemys
15th Feb 2024 11:31

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll give it a try! I've requested details of the UTR to be sent to the reg'd office so it will be interesting to see when/(if) that turns up.

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By Jane Wanless
15th Feb 2024 12:03

I once had a case fail because info provided did not match HMRC's. HMRC had an old address on file - has there been a change of address?

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By rmillaree
15th Feb 2024 12:15

somtimes hmrc have a glitch where one of postcode or crn doesnt work but the other does.

Note it only ask for 2 bits of info they want so never include 3 (unles other 2 methods havent worked) - so i always try UTR and CRN only - if that failes i try UTR and postcode (only) . dont ask why correct info doesnt workm sometimes that hmrc for you.

from memory i think we may have had issues ref RTM companies so Wander may correct.

It may be obvious but when you use postcode ensure it matches companies house live postcode !!

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By stepurhan
15th Feb 2024 12:56

May need to call. I had one where a UTR was marked as inactive and none of the online systems could get it working again. Requesting it be sent out using the online system didn't even generate a letter.

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By M G Weemys
15th Feb 2024 13:22

Thanks to all for your various responses. I'll see what (if anything) is sent out to the reg'd office before re-trying! (I'll do anything to avoid attempted telephone contact - life is too short for me to spend it on that!)

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