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Does a new payroll scheme mean re-enrolement?

Dear AW users. 

I have looked for an answer to this question and am surprised that I have been unable to find an answer. 

I have a client who incorporated on 1st January 2018. We set up a new payroll scheme under succession rules. My question is - what happens with auto enrolment duties? I believe that originally all of the staff opted out but does there need to be a new scheme or if the old scheme can continue operating, do the staff have to be offered the chance to re-enrol?

I've recently set up on my own and have come from a firm with a payroll department who covered all of this and so quite clueless. 

Any help would be appreciated. 


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14th Mar 2018 08:05

Does the new scheme have a new PAYE & AO Reference?
I don’t know the answer to your question, but suspect that this may be relevant.

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to atleastisoundknowledgable...
14th Mar 2018 08:31

Thanks for the reply.

Yes it does, it's a new scheme.

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14th Mar 2018 09:30

Did one of these recently.

Contact the pension provider. They should be able to change the name of the employer, leaving the scheme in place as is.

Then contact the Pension Regulator.

Give them the old & new PAYE references & explain that these are the same employees on the same contracts.

They will connect the new PAYE reference to the old, note the name change & also give you a call reference.

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15th Mar 2018 10:05

We just did this with NEST. We contacted them twice and were told us 2 different things and then in the end said as long as the Pension Regulator was happy they would change the name of the Co on the existing pension. A lot of going around the houses but eventually sorted.
We talked to the PR as per previous posts and they were very helpful. The new co have now had to complete a Declaration of Compliance and all seems fine.

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15th Mar 2018 10:48

I have always taken the view that the new organisation is a different legal person from the old one, and hence the staff are TUPEd and have to be treated as new entrants.

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