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Does Accountax Marketing still exist?

Does Accountax Marketing still exist?

I am just curious, I am not looking to do any telemarketing at the moment, but do Accountax Marketing still exist?

They were the best (in my opinion) of all the companies I tried (and I tried several) but I can find no trace of them anymore.

Have Abbey Tax killed off this bit of the business?



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27th Feb 2012 16:27

Still around

I think these are the people: - 

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to fawltybasil2575
27th Feb 2012 16:53

Ahhh, memories!

I remember them well. Especially the annual one day conference. They had a comedian one year - and no, it wasn't me!

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28th Feb 2012 09:51


I was at the Accountax conference down in St. Alban, I think it was around 2003.

Anyway there was a comedian there as well. Unfortunately, this comedian was called Gareth, and he was the joker in charge of my campaign. I won't go into the details of the stunts he used to pull. Let's just say they had an incentive scheme in place for number of appointments.

Fortunately, he didn't stay long and I was allocated someone else.


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28th Feb 2012 10:59

Had a phone call from them 10 mins ago

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04th Jun 2014 10:33

Accountax UK Ltd

Confirmation that Accountax UK Ltd ceased trading at the end of March 2014.  A sad ending to great marketing business.

Abbey Protection Group sold out to Markel.  Accountax became a small fish in the sea... diluted to the point of closure.  A great shame as the business model worked extremely well.  

Opportunity, I decided to continue with it from home!

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