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Does any other agent have difficulties with HMRC?

P11d coming through on self assessment gateway different to what was filed

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I have phoned HMRC agent line 4 times now to no avail, we have filed the correct P11d figures online for our client,  we also act for some of the employees but the figures coming through the gateway are different from the amount filed.  We have checked online and we are correct.  Does anyone else have this issue?  How can information filed online, be different unless its re-keyed at HMRC end?  Surely they should dispute the P11d with the employer if they believe it to be incorrect?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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By krix_wm
10th Dec 2019 16:51

Yes, I have issues but not the same as yours. 2 RTI were different to what I have submitted. Payments has been allocated wrong. Then HMRC not only corrected payment allocation but added extra £300 on the top of what my client has paid.

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By 356B
11th Dec 2019 16:11

Only when there's a "y" in the day.

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