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Does anyone use Croner I - sole practitioner

Croner I - Sole Practitioner Complete

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Just wondered if anyone had experience using the Croner-i online sole practitioner complete package?

It seems to cover all bases - tax, accounts, practice mgmt, LOEs etc.

The 'bargain' rate is £2,160 per annum if we sign up for 3 years.....

Any feedback appreciated.









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13th May 2019 17:06

taxcalc is cheaper than that, as is BTC, Capium, and a few others.

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to Glennzy
13th May 2019 17:25

Thanks but this is not for accounts/ tax software but the resource library for accounts/tax.

Basically all the books/ current legislation /examples online with some extras thrown in.

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13th May 2019 18:25

Seems a lot then for tax books

What do you get for that

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17th May 2019 09:31

If you are ICAEW, you get free access to Bloomsbury for the tax stuff, and they have LOE and accounts stuff online

I believe ICPA also do something similar

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