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Does anyone use or similar?

Does anyone use http://tax-essentials.indicator...

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I subscribed to last year.

It is quite useful.  But before I renew I wondered if there were any alternatives.

It provides up to date tax news, helpsheets, online tax/VAT books, calculators, tools etc.

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By Jo Nokes
04th Mar 2016 12:44

Try Ross Martin

I also subscribed to the site you mention, butI think Ross Martin would prove a good alternative to try. 

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Replying to TaxTeddy:
By nmprobinson
04th Mar 2016 14:10

I had thought that!

Has anyone used Ross Martin?

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By free-rider
04th Mar 2016 14:34


And it is very comprehensive.

A bit on a pricey side, but worth every penny.

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Replying to Tax Dragon:
By nmprobinson
04th Mar 2016 14:37


...from what I can see Ross Martin is cheaper than Indicator

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By redman7
04th Mar 2016 15:39

Yes to Ross Martin

another vote for Ross Martin, great information, you get weekly email updates now as well which are useful.


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