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Does BADR lifetime limit include previous gains

Does BADR lifetime limit only apply from March 2020?

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If I have previous taken advantage of Entrepreneurs Relief applied to say a gain of £200,000 back in 2018, does this reduce my lifetime limit for BADR? ie does it mean that I now only have £800,000 left under BADR? Or, does the BADR "lifetime" start from March 2020?


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By gainsborough
01st Aug 2020 17:34

Just £800,000. See 1.3 and example 2 in the technical notes:

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By Wilson Philips
01st Aug 2020 17:44

Not a response - just pushing the spam posts off the page

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Replying to Wilson Philips:
By Tax Dragon
01st Aug 2020 17:59

No irony intended?

None taken :-)

OP, such questions don't even occur to me. I'm losing my imagination.

The answer is though utterly unsurprising.

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