Does HMRC issue "VAT deregistration certificates"

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I deregistered for VAT this month. HMRC acknowledged quickly in my online account. 

I'm an Amazon seller and in order to update my account, Amazon are demanding a "certificate of deregistration". I was waiting a few weeks as I thought it may come in the post but finally called HMRC today. They said that a "certificate of deregistration" doesn't exist. They said they sent a letter confirming the deregistration in the first week of January but that hasn't arrived. I am not sure I even believe it was sent.

How can I provide Amazon with something that doesn't exist?

HMRC told me that if I want a new letter confirming my deregistration that I have to request it in writing! I don't have a problem with that but my gut feeling is that this would take forever.

Also a HMRC respondent on the phone last year told me that a confirmation of deregistration would be available online. 

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By FactChecker
23rd Jan 2024 20:09

Certificate? = No; Letter? = Yes

... but it's the rules of the platform that you need to check out first.
I have no experience of trading on any of these digital platforms, but a quick google search found the following within eBay's (not Amazon's) user forum:

"You can de-register from VAT and request Vat cancellation or de-registration letter from HMRC posted to your business address (note that this address must be same on eBay).
Once you receive this letter, forward it to [email protected] and they'll grant you a temporary exemption from adding a UK Value Added Tax (VAT) number to your eBay account.
The keyword here is 'temporary' because you'll be required to provide new VAT cancellation letter every year from HMRC.
The only way to avoid this loop is by opening a new seller account."

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By Jason Croke
23rd Jan 2024 21:50

Letter from HMRC sent first week of January, it's probably still in the post, more so if you are overseas.

Confirmation of being deregistered mean in the 'manage account' section where it will show you as deregistered.

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