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Does mailbox rent go on the company balance sheet?

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Hello there, 

I'm finalising my year end accounts for companies house and I'm unsure of where I should put the cost of renting a mailbox in the accounts for my ltd company.

I pay the money in full up front each year (around £270) I submit micro-entity accounts. I think it's slightly different from renting an office etc so a bit unsure.


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By Accountant A
30th Oct 2017 13:25

Yep, just pop it on the old Balance Sheet.

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Replying to Accountant A:
By CW15
30th Oct 2017 14:03

Thanks, working on it now

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By lionofludesch
30th Oct 2017 13:33

Find an accountant.

You're out of your depth.

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By DMGbus
30th Oct 2017 13:50

To the extent that the cost is PREPAID at the Balance Sheet date it is an item to be included in the Balance Sheet. I believe that Companies House template (FRS105) may include a heading including the word prepayments.

£270 paid upfront for year to 30 June 2017
cost per month = £22.50

As at 31 March 2017 nine months' worth has been "used" leaving three months worth as a prepayment.

So P&L cost = £202.50
and BS prepayment = £ 67.50

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Replying to DMGbus:
By CW15
30th Oct 2017 14:00

Thanks so much, greatly appreciated!

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Replying to CW15:
By andy.partridge
30th Oct 2017 14:55

What else don't you know? You don't know.

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