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Does Quickbooks Desktop support bank feeds?

Does Quickbooks Desktop support bank feeds?

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I am helping a client choose an accounting package for her small business.  For various reasons it is likely to be Quickbooks.  I think a desktop product will suit them best so am looking at Quickbooks Pro 2016.  A couple of questions:

Will it accept a bank feed from all the 4 main clearing banks.  A suggestion on another thread said that it would not support all the banks.  If this is the case which banks are supported?

Can it support multiple companies?  No need for the companies to be open at the same time.

Many thanks

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By tracey2412
15th Jan 2016 13:34


I had a client on QB Pro (an earlier version though) & we couldn't do bank feeds - he was with Natwest.

Can the sales helpline not answer the questions? From vague recollection it is real people who answer & they seemed quite helpful & knowledgeable - but it was some time ago.

I wasn't very helpful really, was I?

Good luck though.

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