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Does SI 2008/409 para 4(3) apply to abridged accounts?

Abridged accounts

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I'm a bit confused regarding the new abridged accounts regime. In Schedule 1 to SI 2018/409, the new para 1C says that "the following provisions ... apply to the balance sheet notwithstanding any abridgement". One of the the following provisions is para 4(3), which says that if, say, in the abridged accounts we don't disclose the break-down of debtors (arabic numerals), we must disclose the amounts in a Note.  This is clearly nonsensical, but it is also referred to in FRS102 section 1AC.38. Surely the abridged accounts regime, per the new section 1A, must trump that requirement? But I can't get my head round the wording to support that conclusion.

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