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Does Xero delete transactions on bank feed?

My client says Xero deletes transactions on the bank feed so they have to be entered manually.

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I have queried why a client has manual transactions in his bank feed.  He says that "if Xero sees an identical transaction (lots of ours are the same) without a downloadable unique identifier, then it deletes it as a duplicate payment." is this correct?  Surely at the most it should flag it as a query and ideally just leave it for the user to decide and exclude if necessary.  Lots of businesses have multiple transactions of the same value.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
08th Nov 2019 12:21

Yes it does do that to avoid picking up duplicates, but its one of those clever features which is not always helpful.

I have a couple of clients who use Paypal extensively for small values and it can stuff up quite a lot.

The transactions can however be seen in the bank as it shows everything important and can you can restore them from there rather than re-entering.

It might be a good time to think about business process/software choice and if there is something simple that can be changed to stop it happening.

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Replying to ireallyshouldknowthisbut:
By BryanS1958
08th Nov 2019 14:18

Thanks - a bit daft ! QBO imports all transactions and lets the user decide. QBO seems so much easier to use than Xero and has telephone support, live chat, etc., whereas Xero seems to only have e-mail support.

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By Cloudcounter
08th Nov 2019 13:51

I can't help with stopping the deletions, but you can open up the statement concerned and restore the deleted transactions. That at least saves the need to enter them manually

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