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Doing Assignment

Doing Assignment

The question is about critical evaluation of the term "Management Accounting Control Systems" in terms of the following viewpoints:
1. Implementing a firm's strategy
2. Ability to influence the strategy formulation process
The discussion of the above two viewpoints must be in the context of developing and sustaining a business organization's competitive advantage together with the examples of business practice we are familiar with.
Please provide answering approach and where the relevant resources can be found for completing this assignment.
Many Thanks

Paul Chan


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By Anonymous
08th Apr 2007 15:49

Oh dear.......
.........its started again!!!

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10th Apr 2007 12:17

Dear Paul

I suggest you google David Otley and his book "Management Control Systems". It was a pretty standard text on degree courses in the 90s here in the UK.
Added advantage of realworld supporting examples

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