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Dominic Cummings on his Travels Again

In Sydney for the Chooks v Bunnies game last night

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Hallerud at Easter
30th May 2020 12:13

Seems very similar to Where's Wally.

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By memyself-eye
30th May 2020 14:25

Is there a Lord Lucan one?
or a Joseph Mengele?

Now that would be in bad taste.

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By Cheshire
30th May 2020 16:14

I can feel a banning in my water, might take a few days.....

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By Wilson Philips
30th May 2020 17:23

With golf courses having re-opened I understand that a new phrase has been coined - to “hit a Cummings” - a long drive that goes out of bounds, but without penalty.

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By Dib
01st Jun 2020 13:15

Somehow reminded of a cross between Little Britain and Yes Minister! Equivocation and plausible deniability v the truth!

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