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More than 77,500 customers submitted their 2022 to 2023 tax returns on 6 April 2023 claims HMRC

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By DKB-Sheffield
16th May 2023 15:08

bernard michael wrote:

More than 77,500 customers submitted their 2022 to 2023 tax returns on 6 April 2023 claims HMRC

77,499 of those were entitled to a tax refund?

EDIT - Moreover... why does it matter? How many of the 77,500 paid tax on 06/04/23? Filing is one thing. Paying keeps the Treasury afloat!

Stats for stats sake!

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Replying to DKB-Sheffield:
By Ruddles
16th May 2023 15:12

But you weren't? What a pity.

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Replying to DKB-Sheffield:
By Hugo Fair
16th May 2023 18:59

You can't (or rather shouldn't) pay early ... HMRC's systems get rather confused.

Last year I paid around now and, although the return was accepted and the amount correct, they hadn't updated my 'account' with them - so it appeared as an over-payment which they wanted to repay.
Fortunately (as others have experienced) HMRC are not sprinters when it comes to actual repayments, so over the next couple of months I managed to dissuade them.

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By Dougscott
16th May 2023 15:20

Thanks for reminding me to file my Return - HMRC owes me £3k!

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
16th May 2023 15:49

Probably right. We often file them on the dot, but none this year. Only 15 this April which is quite low for us (under 5%) but I did have a week off at Easter. Got heaps in now, all those bank holidays and rain seem to be helping get them in.

Tax returns are not just for Christmas.

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Replying to ireallyshouldknowthisbut:
By Hugo Fair
16th May 2023 19:07

You must have a tighter grip on your clients' books than I have on my own.

My personal SATR gets *later* each year - in direct correlation to the increasing digitisation of the underlying data. For instance:
* I'm still, today, waiting for a 2022-23 Statement from one of the UK's largest Registrars (for a fairly minor shareholding);
* And I haven't dared yet to see whether HMRC have attributed my SP across the tax years (the timing and the new rate makes this almost material).

Oh brave new world of APIs etc ... real-time at this end, but batch Y/E systems at t'other!

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