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Don't you love it when clients say ...

"you're wrong because ..."

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Massive issue with sales credit notes > sales invoices in this year's accounts for new client who does own bookkeeping. Trade Debtors in last years accounts = £nil.

Query to client, with proposal that I remove the duplicated credit notes to balance out to £nil this year, wit hte warning that "you'll need to pay back the extra VAT you reclaimed".

Email response received overnight by client "Credit notes went against invoices. vat was orginal paid and then reclaimed – this was run past HMRC". Translation - "You're wrong re the ledger balances and HMRC gave me the refund so must be happy with what I did".



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23rd Jan 2019 11:22

So are they going to pay the now Cr balances back to the customers?

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to WhichTyler
23rd Jan 2019 16:41

Funnily enough, I didn’t ask him about paying back £453k, maybe I should have.

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23rd Jan 2019 11:27

'HMRC haven't queried it, so it must be OK' is a familiar refrain from a client that is meant to signal the ultimate proof of being right.

Funnily enough, some accountants use it too when it suits them.

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