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Dormant Co.

Dormant Co.

Never had this before but i am assuming no issues.

Dormant company is now trading (since april)... they have not informed HMRC that they are now trading.

As long as CT600 is filed etc i assume there will be no penalties, or do you need to inform HMRC?

PAYE scheme has been up and running since then.


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By dreamcatcher
11th Nov 2011 09:17

Technically HMRC should always be informed within 3 months of a company starting its first accounting period (ie when the company comes into charge to Corporation tax).  So assuming the company in question started on 1 April then it should have informed HMRC by 30 June.

This can either be done by completing a form CT41G or by writing a letter to the relevant tax office.

I have never seen a penalty issued for failing to do this.  Just complete a CT41G and send it to HMRC then you have done your bit.

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