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Dormant Company Accounts

Filling first dormant accounts

Hi All,

Just after a bit of advice on submitting dormant accounts.

First accounts made up to 31 January 2017 due by 26 October 2017.

Im the only shareholder, 1 share, value £1.

I didn't start trading until April 2017. Therefore companies house have classed the company as dormant when speaking to them.

In regards to transactions, I have been putting directors loans into the company bank account and making transactions buying office equipment etc.

What would I put in the fields of;

1) Called up share capital not paid 

2) Cash at bank and in hand

Once I have submitted the dormant account, will I need to submit a new account period to companies house ?

Many Thanks




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20th Oct 2017 12:47

Maybe you shouldn't be filing your own accounts, there's a lot you can do wrong with significant consequences.

That said, if you've asset purchases in the period for which you're filing then while you may be dormant for tax purposes as you aren't trading, you are not dormant from a Companies House perspective, regardless of what they've told you. Any significant transactions in the period and you need to file accounts.

If those transactions happened after January 2017 then there's a simple form you can fill in for dormant accounts but since you ought to engage an accountant ASAP they could probably help with this too.

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to Duggimon
20th Oct 2017 13:08

Thanks Duggimon.

I was never going to do my own accounts, I’m just acting on what I’ve been advised by companies House as I was under the impression the company was classed as dormant as I was just setting it up.

I’ll speak to an accountant.

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20th Oct 2017 12:50

Trading only determines if you are dormant for tax purposes.

Dormant for Companies House purposes is much more limited.

My guess is you told them that you hadn't traded, but neglected to mention that you actually had activity. This is your first mistake for lack of the requisite knowledge. Time to appoint an accountant before you make a more expensive mistake.

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to stepurhan
20th Oct 2017 13:10

Hi Stepurhan.

I told them I haven’t been trading and have been setting up the company, had a bank account set up.

Thanks for the response, I would of instructed an accountant earlier but was under the impression it was dormant.

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20th Oct 2017 13:51

You say you didn't start trading until 1 April 2017. Your January 2017 accounts won't be dormant if you were buying assets but after that, you're definitely not.

"Dormant" in CoHo terms means nothing at all happened (with very few exceptions, such as the issue of shares).

Having said that, micro accounts don't ask for much more information than dormant. Your new accountant will not charge a huge fee if there are only a few transactions (if he does, look elsewhere).

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20th Oct 2017 15:33

Honestly, if you give Companies House bad information to work with it is hardly surprising they give you the wrong answer back.

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to andy.partridge
20th Oct 2017 15:50

Would you care to expand ? The bad information I have given them ? Not entirely sure what you mean?

Also I though this was suppose to be a help board, not have a dig at someone.

Ive just called again and spoken to them for 20 mins and gone through month by month activity of setting up the business and the transactions made until the day the company made it first sale.

They have once again turned around and said we class this as dormant. Bad information I guess I my behalf.

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20th Oct 2017 15:55

Man with contempt for accountants seeks to file own accounts, finds out he doesn't have a clue, gatecrashes an accountancy site for a freebie and bleats about how everyone gives him wrong advice.

Never heard that one before. Yawn.

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to andy.partridge
20th Oct 2017 16:00

Why do you bother commenting if you haven’t got anything useful to say ?

I hope the next time you get stuck with something and you ask a question you get the same response.

To many negative people like you around.

Yawn indeed. Thanks for all your useful advice. I will take onboard this freebie.

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20th Oct 2017 16:07

I could have left it there but you asked me to expand, so I did. I thought that's what you wanted. In fact I'm sure it was.

Believe me I far from negative. I am positive that people like you who have nothing to offer this site shouldn't be here.

Goodbye Scott and good luck.

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By Tornado
20th Oct 2017 18:20

Hello Scott

I think you have been treated a bit harshly by some of the members here.

Whilst it is good to see someone like yourself with an enterprising spirit, setting up and running a Limited Company or any business really, this does require some specialist knowledge to help get you going, so consulting an Accountant or similar adviser is the sensible thing to do.

With regards to your initial enquiry, you can learn more about the definition of a Dormant Company here -

Good luck with your enterprise.

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