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Double Dutch

Double Dutch

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Can anybody help me please with deciphering the statement on the PAYE summary page which states The "Amount due in period" is updated on the 6th and 20th of each month from all submissions made (I'm OK so far). Any submissions made between these dates will not be reflected until the next update (what the **** does that mean?)  Paragraph.  I've got an RTI submission receipt dated 10 April 2013 which has not yet appeared on the HMRC record although it has picked up the relevant payment and thus shows (incorrectly) an overpayment.

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By jemwix
17th May 2013 09:41

It was a statement of hope!

Hi Thomas.

Apparently there was a problem that affected "some" PAYE online accounts.

The statement you quote appears on your "current position" page, which should be updated on the 6th and 20th of the month, with all RTI submissions since the previous update.

Your submission of the 10th April and any others in the meantime should have shown up in your account by 21st April.

However my account didn't update on the 20th April (nor on the 6th May) with any of the submissions I had made up to those dates.

I queried this with HMRC who admitted the problem. They raised a job number and a few days later they phoned me back to tell me it was fixed.

They were extremely helpful and apologetic.

My account started to show the correct balance for tax month 1 on 14th May.

My PAYE & NI Payment for month 1, which was paid by BACS today, has just shown up in my account.

Although my account now shows an overall balance of zero, the payment for month 1 has been allocated to the month 2 summary.



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