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Double text log ins to file VAT returns

Do we have to do this every time now ?

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All the recent MTD VAT returns have gone back to asking us to log in twice with text codes being sent to a colleague's phone. Is everybody else having the same problem ? And I think we found out that you can only have one phone number per agent services account at the start, but assumed that was only for that ridiculously laborious setting up process. It's going to make it very tricky and very annoying if it's like this permanently, and how on earth would a bigger firm deal with all the texts going to one phone ?

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By lesley.barnes
14th Jan 2020 19:56

Yes I noticed it after the VAT went down on the 7th Jan everything was ok before that. It's done it with every return I've sent since.

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By SXGuy
15th Jan 2020 07:19

Not that I've noticed however I don't believe I've ever set up 2 factor authentication before, I've always clicked on the link to do it later.

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