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Dragons den

20% for £100000

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Year 1 profit 60000

Year 2 profit 75000

Year 3 profit 100000

Me balance sheet net assets is £300000

I am offering 20 per cent share for  £100000 

Is this okay.

I make boxes

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By Tax Dragon
31st Aug 2018 06:32

I didn't sleep well. This is the first thing I do. This is the first OP I see.

I need time out.

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Replying to Tax Dragon:
By atleastisoundknowledgable...
31st Aug 2018 07:59

I notice your ‘Sift sift’ post was ‘mulling over time’ after this. Coincidence...?

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By Selaen
31st Aug 2018 08:52

Who goes into Dragons Den giving away 20% equity? Start from 5% and negotiate up. #aimfortheskies /s

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Richard Hattersley
By Richard Hattersley
31st Aug 2018 09:04

Thread closed.

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