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Drop shipping And Customs Declarations

When drop shipping from China, who is responsible for the value declared on the customs declaration?

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I'm looking to start drop shipping from China and after much googling I'm still uncertain as to the answer to my question. When ordering things from China in the past I've noticed that the sellers often under declare packages to avoid vat and import fees. 

If I were running a business drop shipping goods from China directly to customers in the UK/EU would I be responsible for them being correctly declared to customs?

If so, would a message to the seller with a request to correctly declare the value of the item on each order be sufficient? I'm concerned that even if I did this, with the volume of packages the sellers are shipping it may be something that gets overlooked. Resulting in the package still being incorrectly/under declared.

The goods would not bear any logo or information tracing back to myself so I don't think any issues would arrise from the parcels themselves. However, I've read that issues can occur if you get audited and they somehow discover that your supplier has been under declaring items. In this event I would like to be seen to have done what's required to try to ensure that the items are correctly declared. 

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By the_drookit_dug
17th Feb 2020 21:58

Not an expert, but I reckon the seller would be responsible for customs declarations as you would not take ownership of the goods at any point.

Much would depend on the incoterms agreed between you and the seller.

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By Les Howard
18th Feb 2020 10:00

Personally, I would either insist on current customs declarations or not deal with the supplier.
False customs declarations are dealt with as criminal offences. I do not want to risk of being associated with such transactions.

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