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football podcast

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A client has a football podcast he attends football matches - he says he needs to in order to produce the podcast

I say its under duality and HMRC will disallow - if he produces a segment/interviews a player/fan will this help his case?

could we then apportion ?

Thanks for you thoughts


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By Portia Nina Levin
09th Feb 2017 10:23

Apportionment would be fatal to any claim. It is all or nothing.

Either the whole expense was incurred for business purposes or the whole expense was incurred for both business and private purposes.

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By jonibarnes
09th Feb 2017 10:38

makes sense thanks for that, struggling to see how he can claim.

Hard to argue that your only at a football match due to the podcast. but not out of the question.

He travels quite a lot so is associated costs such as hotels/flights

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By dollop
13th Feb 2017 13:07

Lets say the broadcaster suffers from the affliction of being a West Ham Supporter. He attends an Arsenal match, to interview a player and produce a broadcast.

No self respecting Hammers fan would be seen willingly at an Arsenal game , so surely there would be no duality then.

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