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Duty on Alcohol Products

Alcohol Products

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Hi Seniors

A potential client, starting a business of cocktails( alcohol) production where they will make it in the bar , bottle up and sell online( no fermentation/no made wine).

I have few questions:

1) Does HMRC duties still apply to the business?

2) If yes then how can one manage ABV etc?

3) Is duties on alcohol is a specialised area, as I have not dealt with this before? 

I am sorry if I asked very odd( probably basic) question.

Thanks in advance :)


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By David Ex
04th Oct 2021 23:12

Adzuk wrote:

3) Is duties on alcohol is a specialised area, …? 

I’d say so.

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By paul.benny
05th Oct 2021 08:53

Adzuk wrote:

Hi Seniors

3) Is duties on alcohol is a specialised area, as I have not dealt with this before? 

Yes it is.

Excise duties have almost nothing in common with regular taxes. If you've not dealt with them before (and few accountants ever do), then don't even try. You run the risk of giving client bad or incorrect advice that won't be covered by your PII.

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By johngroganjga
05th Oct 2021 09:44

I agree that it is a specialised area, but (not being a specialist in it myself) doesn’t it only apply to brewers and distillers etc. Here we are told that the activity is mixing, bottling and selling dutiable products that have been manufactured by someone else. The manufacturers will have paid the duty won’t they?

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Replying to johngroganjga:
paddle steamer
05th Oct 2021 09:54

Presume it depends if they intend to buy in duty paid alcohol or whether they are in any way themselves bonded and instead can buy alcohol that has not had duty paid? (presume a blender can buy alcohol without duty paid otherwise not sure how a whisky blender would operate?)

Like you massively outside my comfort zone.

The other area that looks like it could be tricky is the end product labelling re content, labelling of food and drink has a lot of detail.

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By Adzuk
05th Oct 2021 14:13

Thanks every one.

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