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One Stop Shop - any software?

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Hello everyone,

 have you got any clients in the e-commerce supply chain?
We have few clients selling via online marketplaces and since the 1st of July is fast approaching I have no idea how to keep staying compliant and submit their VAT returns with OSS (One stop Shop)? They all sell goods to the EU and as the distance-selling  thresholds will be abolished they need to get registered for VAT in the EU asap
I was thinking of outsourcing it but the fee quotes I got so far are HUGE.
Do you know any software? How are you planning to deal with that change? Any thoughts?
Thank you for all the suggestion

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By paul.benny
13th May 2021 17:46

It might be worth your while looking at the requirements for MOSS. Although that's now defunct, it's reasonable to assume that the process for OSS will be very similar*.

The key thing your clients need for now is ensure they can list sales by country. They also need to decide whether they will charge the same VAT-inclusive price in every member state and swallow any difference - or whether they want charge the same VAT-exclusive price and vary the retail price. If, indeed, their sales platform allows that choice.

* doesn't mean it will be, though

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