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e-filing p35's

e-filing p35's

i file for a number of employers but not as agent.

for a number of employers i enter p14 details. i get as far as signing off the p35 to get into an error loop. system then tells me to put numbers in boxes of p14 which are already there. go to next error loops back to previous error.

also one employer - 3 employees - complete p14's - get to summary which is for 7 employees. summary of tax and nic for 3 employees does not add up.

any one else? any simple fix?

hmrc help desk has been no help for over a month.
St.John Soulsby


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19th May 2009 12:42

thanks for responses
i maybe should have said that there are no details for the 'ghost' employees, so there is nothing to delete.

one lady at the don't give a toss desk said that provided i quote a reference number on an appeal it would work.

i don't know whether i trust her opinion

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By Anonymous
18th May 2009 17:13

Had this problem last year
I had same problem last year, ended up having to submit the return on line with the duplicated entry, and then entered an adjustment to the P35 with the details of the duplicated employee all entered as negatives, this did work !

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By iknell
18th May 2009 16:02

I have a similar problem where the P35 Employers Summary shows 61 employees but says there are 63 employees. HMRC online filing has duplicated the NI and Tax for two employees to incorrectly increase the liability. These two employees are not shown twice in any list. If you delete the P14's for these employees it makes no difference. HMRC technical help have been as efficient as ever and asked you to do everything you have already tried with no avail.

I mentioned today about the filing deadline to which they said a penalty notice will be issued directly to the client which we can appeal if we feel we have a valid reason!!!

More work which can't be billed to the client.

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