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E-reader problem

E-reader problem

I bought a cheap ereader 3 months ago for £99, and am now regretting it, as the battery life is less than an hour.

I have already downloaded £150 worth of books onto it.

I have been advised to buy a £600 ereader to replace the old one, but have been told that I shall have to pay out to download the books all over again. Is this correct?


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29th Feb 2012 14:45

adobe digital editions

I have a cool e-reader which sadly is no longer available. However, all the books I have downloaded have come through Adobe digital on my laptop and are still there.

I would have assumed that these would be available for any subsequent replacement reader i buy. 

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29th Feb 2012 15:12

You can read pdf's on a Kindle

Just send them to your kindle account

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29th Feb 2012 22:53


Do a search for Calibre E Book management.

It's a free program that backs up and manages your ebook collection.  You may well be able to transfer the backed up books to a different e-reader, subject to any DRM (digital rights management) restrictions.

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01st Mar 2012 09:44


I haven't found a format that cannot be read on it, but if you do find one there are plenty of file conversion utilities available for free on the web.

My e-reader allows me to copy books to/from the e-reader and my PC via the USB cable.

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