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e92 Dilema

e92 Dilema

I have recently acquired a new client who started employing staff in January this year.  I know he is entitled to ER NIC holiday, and I applied online last week.

I've not received the E92 and E89 forms and I dont want to miss the deadline on 19th May.

Can I still post E89's (Downloaded from website) and a covering letter? Or will they refuse because you need form e89?

Or, if I wait for e92 form, will there be any penalty for late delivery?


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By alattax
18th May 2012 08:33

I submitted P92 and P89's 'late' last year having already filed P35 /P14's online.

There were no penalties but they did send a reminder for tax overdue which was the exact amount of the NI holiday figure which they gave credit for when the forms were received.

If you only applied last week I think you should get authorization before withholding the NI so maybe you should file online now and submit an amendment later to get credit for NI overpaid. 


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