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Earlier date in tax return for self employed

Can I use earlier start date for self employed tax return

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hello all, hope someone can help

i am preparing my self employed partner first tax return for year 2017/18. When informing hmrc of his starting working for himself we showed 1st of March as start of trading. However preparing his tax return I realised he actually incurred some expenses such as tools etc I would like to show in tax return. Will hmrc accept if I put starting date as 1st of February and include these costs he incurred in February?


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12th Oct 2018 12:37

Stick with 1 March and include the pre-trading costs anyway.

Why not get an accountant before it all goes wrong ? Tax doesn't have to be taxing but it usually is.

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12th Oct 2018 12:40

I am an accountant ha ha, just never dealt with it. considering the income he received in this year having just started trading it’s just not cost effective to employ a specialist. Thank you very much for your reply, really appreciate it.

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