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EC Sales List - Agent Authorisation

No option found under agent or client HMRC account

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Limited company client has to file EC Sales lists. These have historically been filed online through the client's login at HMRC. We want to get agent authorisation so we can file these from our agent account on their behalf. We are a VAT registered business.

Under our agent account EC Sales Lists do appear on the "All your other services link". Clicking the EC Sales List link simply results in a message saying we have no permission to view it. There is no option for EC Sales List authorisations under the normal request authorisations link.

Got client to give us temporary access to their login to set this up. There does not appear to be an option to authorise us there either. All I can find is a list of accountants authorised by the company (just us) or a list of other services authorised (CT and VAT returns, also us). I can't see a link for authorising EC Sales Lists in either. Accessing the EC Sales List service itself only appears to allow submission of EC Sales Lists with no other options. 

Where can I find an authorisation link?

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By Duggimon
10th Sep 2019 16:21

On the client's login you go to "Manage Account" along the top, then on the next page click "accountants" under "Your Account".

You should get a drop down thing showing you the services the client is signed up for.

Click on "Add or change accountant" next to "VAT services"

That should take you to a new window with the various VAT services the client is signed up for. One of them should be VAT EC Sales list and you should be able to add yourself to it.

If it's not in there then possibly the client isn't signed up for it, though if they've been filing them online they must be. If you can't add yourself, your agent account might not be signed up for it, you should be able to fix that through your own login.

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By Matrix
10th Sep 2019 16:35

Check out Wanderer’s previous advice on this:

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Replying to Matrix:
By Duggimon
10th Sep 2019 17:00

I believe, though I may be wrong, that that advice is now out of date after some "improvements" made by HMRC.

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By stepurhan
10th Sep 2019 16:59

Thanks both. I have now successfully registered us as agents for EC Sales Lists.

Another example of HMRC's website being inconsistent and non-intuitive. Why the option isn't easier to find (or part of the authorisation system used for every other service) is a mystery to me.

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