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EC sales list under Making tax digital.

EC Sales lists under making tax digital

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Does anyone know if EC sales lists are to be submitted differently under Making Tax Digital? I have looked for official HMRC guidance but the most recent page is dated 2014. Thank you.

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David Ross
By davidross
11th Jul 2019 11:48

I see that no-one has answered your question, which I found when doing the same search! I don't think that MTD changes the way that "EC Sales Lists" (as they still seem to be titled by their pre-Super State designation) will be submitted.

But the only authority I can find online for this is from Dixon Wilson Chartered Accountants. It would be able to quote an official source when advising clients.

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By johnhemming
11th Jul 2019 12:00

I have not seen any proposals to change this on the developers hub. However, I would expect over time for them to move to use the same protocols for authorisation.

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By Duggimon
11th Jul 2019 12:41

It's a separate service on the HMRC site, I don't think there's any change.

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